We have just been informed that we are now TOP in the UK and 3rd in the WORLD for dance examinations with the International Dance Teachers Association.

Quote from the IDTA Congress AGM:

“China still proves to be our number one country for examination business, the top ten schools for examination business throughout the world in 2014 being..”

  1. Manfred Wang                            China                       Ballroom
  2. Madam Zhu                                 China                       Ballroom
  3. Valerie Stephens                       UK South East      Ballroom
  4. Li Ching                                         China                       Ballroom
  5. Philip & Carol Perry                  South Wales         Ballroom
  6. Mr Ji                                                China                       Ballroom
  7. Constane Grant School           Sheffield                Theatre
  8. Amanda Restell                          UK South East     Theatre
  9. Fiona Carratu                              Midlands                Theatre
  10. Eve Trew                                        UK North East      Theatre

This has been achieved by all the hard work of the teachers, helpers and pupils.  I am so proud of all that we have achieved.

We have now taken 26,655 exams since 1975 when I started keeping records.

The majority of our pupils receive honours or highly commended results, and all 13 of our teams have received honours in their last 4 exams.

No failures since 1975.

Well done and Thank You