Welcome to Stephens Early Years Centre

At Stephens Early Years Centre we are an all inclusive setting for Shirley with access for those with disabilities. Age range 2 years – 5 years.

We aim to offer each child the skills needed to ease their path into school life, always bearing in mind that each child develops at a different rate.

To meet these needs the setting is split into different areas of play, which are designed to encourage the promotion of the early years foundation stage on entering compulsory education.

We have an open door policy so that you can talk to any member of staff at any time if you so wish.

There are lots of activities both indoors and outdoors for your child to participate in and even a ‘ready steady cook’ challenge if you would like to help too. We value your expertise and if you would like to help we would be glad to see you. We also go on lots of outings and also have lots of visitors to the setting from e.g. the library, local schools etc.

When the time comes for your child to leave us we carefully plan transition to the school of your choice.

Accredited by PLA and Ofsted Inspected, Nursery Voucher Scheme
in place and also other work place voucher schemes.

Mrs Kay Doswell EYPS, BA.DipEd., Cert Ed.
Head Practitioner